"All Science is either physics or stamp collecting." - Ernest Rutherford

What is Physics?

Physics involves the study of everything in physical existence, from the smallest subatomic particles to the entire universe. Physics explores how and why the universe works, from subatomic to universe scales.

It is the basic science that underlies all the natural sciences. The behaviors of matter and energy govern situations in everyday life - like wind energy, X-rays and MRI, Lake Superior, and satellites. Physics is also interested in esoteric states of matter from the most fundamental neutrinos and atoms to large and complex structures like supernovae and galaxies.

Mind Blowers
How big is the universe?

Because light takes a certain amount of time to reach the Earth, by looking at the most distant stars, it is possible to gauge the size and age of the universe However, scientists can only see as well as the most advanced telescopes named ‘observable universe’. The universe is estimated to be around 28 billion light-years in diameter.

What is the smallest thing in the world?

It was first believed that atoms were the smallest thing in the world, but atoms are split into subatomic particles of protons, neutrons, and electrons. In the 1970s, scientists discovered that protons and neutrons are made of smaller particles known as quarks. It is theorised that quarks could made up of even smaller particles called ‘preons’.

Why is a sunset orange reddish?

When light from the sun is low in the earth’s atmosphere, it has to travel through lots more air than when it is directly overhead. This affects how the light is scattered. As red light has a longer wavelength than all the other colours, this is the one colour that does not get scattered away. Therefore, sunsets appear to be orangey-red.

Do blind people dream visually?

This all depends on whether a blind person has been blind from birth, or if they were once sighted and have lost their sight. A person that has been blind from birth will not have the same visual experiences or knowledge as a sighted person. Therefore, it is sensible to accept that they will not have the same visual dreams as a sighted person.

Why doesn’t the Earth fall down?

Something as big as the Earth could stay floating in space. It is all to do with gravity. In other words, gravity is caused by mass, so objects with mass attract one another. The object with the biggest mass will have the greatest pull. The Earth does not fall from the sky because it is held within the gravitational field of the Sun.

Physics Woes: Student Obstacles Unveiled

• Intimidating for students who are not confident in math

• Experiments require precise measurements and attention to detail

• Physics requires mastery of technical terminology and symbols

• Exams require students to solve problems not covered in class

• Requires visualization of 3D structures and phenomena

• The vast amount of information can be overwhelming


Physics Mastery: Gloucestershire Tutors Winning Approach

• Tutors use multimedia resources to supplement learning

• Real-life examples to make physics more relatable

• Emphasis on the importance of regular practice

• Encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills

• Emphasis on practical applications of physics concepts

• Breaking down complex concepts into simpler parts

• Providing exam strategies and techniques for success

A Bit About Physics Importance

• Helps us comprehend and mitigate natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis

• Essential to understanding climate change and developing sustainable solutions

• It enables the exploration and understanding of space and astronomy

• Fundamental to understand natural world and universe

• Physics inspires curiosity and leads to scientific breakthroughs


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